Sumo Greens Dispensary

More than a sport, Sumo represented the balance of life and a pursuit of an enlightened mind.

ALice in wonderland

Triple "A" Flower

The largest selection online of your favourite flowers. For health, leisure or sleep you can find your perfect strain

Killing fields

Supreme Concentrates

The "caviar" of concentrates. Over 40+ types of concentrates carefully tested and vetted to ensure you get the very best.

Herbavors variety

Sweet Edibles

Your favourite sweets reimagined. From chocolates to sour keys we have a wide assortment of quality edibles.

PArtnered Companies Include

Sumo is a community

A community in search of something greater, always evolving, and settling for nothing but the best. With a collection of passionate growers and a dedicated team, we share with our members everything they’ll need to move forward in their own personal journeys.

Enjoy A Higher Life