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Favourite Bud

It’s just way too hard to pick one flower as my favourite, there are too many beautiful flowers in the world! Working as a florist opens this door to hundreds of amazing blooms you have never seen before, or even knew they existed!

The 10 Best Weed Removers

Maintaining a garden can be hard work. You work all day long, trimming, watering, and churning the soil to keep your plants and flowers looking (and growing) their best. Still, there’s that one constant pest that lingers around that all gardeners (and homeowners!) hate: weeds. 

Edible Flowers

Here, in time for your spring and summer parties, is our A-to-Z guide to the 10 best edible florets. Whether sprinkled on a salad, incorporated into a cocktail or ice cubes, or candied for a cake, these blooms promise to add an ambrosial touch to your seasonal entertaining. 

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